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No longer content with throwing baby pictures and diplomas in a box in the attic, crafters are organizing their keepsakes and memorabilia so they can display them. And you thought home movies were bad.

Paper crafting/card making

When you care enough to make the very best. Homemade cards and paper are catching on. In fact, Irving, Texas-based crafts retailer Michaels has introduced a card making department in all of its 731 stores.


The granddaughters of feminism say it's okay to knit again. This hobby is increasingly popular with female twenty- and thirtysomethings, partially due to celebrities like Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker admitting their love for it. The needles also double nicely as self-defense devices.

Soap/candle/body care product making

Don't blame the economy. People are making their own personal products these days — not to save money, but because they enjoy it!


Cross stitching

Blame it on Baby Boomers' deteriorating vision or an overload of proverb pillows, but the art of hand embroidery is slowly fading.

Glass crafting

Making suncatchers out of tinted crystals and glitter just isn't the craze it was 15 years ago. Go figure.

Doll making

Even big girls get tired of playing with dolls eventually. For many crafters, the desire to make their own porcelain and cloth dolls is on the decline. No word from the voodoo doll industry.

Online crafts

With only a graphic design program and a color printer, crafters can make everything from refrigerator magnets to labels for wine bottles. Problem is, they're not.

(Note: Craftrends is owned by Primedia, Inc., the corporate parent of American Demographics)

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