Asians at Home

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School's back in session, but who's most likely to earn degrees next spring? Forty-two percent of Asian and Pacific Islanders aged 25 years and up have at least a bachelor's degree, reports the U.S. Census, compared to 24 percent of all people over 25. The median income of Asian American households is higher, too: $45,248, compared to the median income of all U.S. households, $37,004.

And Asian American households often have more members. Nearly 38 percent of Asian households have four members or more, compared to 25 percent of all households. Homeownership rates among this ethnic group lag behind the national average, however. Two-thirds of all households own homes today, but the rate among Asian Americans reaches just 53 percent. Maybe they're waiting to tie the knot: One out of three Asian Americans aged 15 and over have never married, compared to 24 percent of non-Hispanic whites.

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