Billion-Dollar Brands

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A report released in October by market research firm ACNielsen identifies 43 consumer product brands that have a billion-dollar global presence. To be considered “global,� brands had to have sales equal to or in excess of $1 billion for the 12 month period ending with the first quarter of 2001; have a measurable presence in each of the four major geographic regions — Latin America, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, and the Middle East and Africa — and have sales outside the company's home market that account for at least 5 percent of all global sales. The beverage category claims the greatest share of the billion-dollar global brands: 13 in all. Other leading product categories include: tobacco with four billion-dollar-brands; snack foods with three; and pet foods with three.


Of the 43 billion-dollar global brands, 19 are worth $2 billion or more.

Coca-Cola Beverage +$15 Europe
Marlboro Tobacco +$15 Europe
Pepsi Beverage $5-$15 North America
Budweiser Beverage $3-$5 North America
Campbell's Soup $3-$5 North America
Kellogg's Cereal $3-$5 North America
Pampers Diapers $3-$5 Europe
Benson & Hedges Tobacco $2-$3 Europe
Camel Tobacco $2-$3 Europe
Dannon Yogurt $2-$3 Europe
Fanta Beverage $2-$3 Europe
Friskies Pet Food $2-$3 North America
Gillette Razors $2-$3 N. America/Europe
Huggies Diapers $2-$3 North America
Nescafe Beverage $2-$3 Europe
Sprite Beverage $2-$3 North America
Tide Detergent $2-$3 North America
Tropicana Beverage $2-$3 North America
Wrigley's Gum $2-$3 Europe
Note: Brands are alphabetized within each dollar segment. Source: ACNielsen
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