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Yes, flammable pajamas and unsafe tires can be a source of worry to consumers, and cause many sleepless nights for manufacturers who market them. But what about undeclared sulfites in bamboo shoots, zipper pulls that pose a risk of choking and shower cleaners that contain bacteria that may compromise individuals with impaired immune systems? Six federal agencies — The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Highway Traffic Administration, the Coast Guard, the Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency — have pooled information to create a Web site on recalls, from both the recent and not so recent past. Check for information on consumer products (including furniture, appliances, lighting), motor vehicles, boats, cosmetics, medicine, food and environmental products such as pesticides. Those who drill deeper into the site will see that, while the formats differ from agency to agency, the accompanying analyses typically gives a reason for the recall, a remedy and contacts for further recourse. The site also offers visitors an opportunity to report dangerous products.

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