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In a world where getting a proverbial foot in the door is becoming more based on who you know, not what you know, is a Web site that can bring you, your customers and your customers' customers together. Although it is much more complicated, the site acts somewhat like a chain letter. A new user uploads a contact list onto the site, which is then matched (based on e-mail address) to other members and their contact lists. The new user then has to invite people he knows or other people that are already registered with the site to become part of a network. Once others accept the invitation, the new member has access to all of his networked partners and the web of connections between people grows.

The service gives users statistics about other members' employment, expertise and location, making it easier to find new, useful people to help you with your work or with finding a new job. It does promise complete privacy, and not to divulge your information to other companies or for any commercial use. So, join up and look for [email protected] to start the American Demographics network.

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