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Ever wondered what a lemur sounds like? Or how the tweet of a goldfinch differs from the cheep of a grackle? Well, wonder no more. is to sound effects what is to text and images. Use it as a search engine to scan the Web for screeches, hisses, creaks and rattles or any other sounds you can dream up. First, type in a keyword in the search box. Or just click on one of the links listed below. Categories covered include animals and birds, musical instruments, holiday sounds (like a cork popping), household noises and general mayhem. The latter group contains everything from shotgun blasts to 31 different twangs of an arrow. You can also listen to audio clips from TV shows and movies, such as the piano twinkle when Samantha from Bewitched wiggles her nose or the frantic barking of Fred Flintstone's pet dinosaur, Dino. And by the way, this site links to seven utterances lemurs emit, among them clucks, grunts and mews. Now you can amaze or annoy your coworkers as the squawks and shrieks of the jungle radiate from your cubicle.

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