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To get a handle on the spirit of the times, including the prevailing intellectual, moral and cultural climate, check out the Zeitgeist section on Updated yearly, monthly and weekly, the page offers a perspective on major trends and events based on over 55 billion searches conducted by Google users around the world. For the week ending November 17, 2003, the top 10 gaining queries included Paris Hilton at No. 1 and Thanksgiving recipes, which was No. 9. It seems that in September, the populous had quite an appetite for fantasy based on the most popular movie image search queries, with The Matrix, Lord of the Rings and Finding Nemo among the top five. Top news searches that same month suggest that we were preoccupied with natural disasters (hurricane Isabel and earthquakes), comings (Howard Dean and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger) and goings (John Ritter and Johnny Cash.) Scroll down the page for the International Google Zeitgeist for the most popular queries by country.

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