Boomerang Kids

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Empty-nesters, make room: Your baby birds are flying back home. More than 60 percent of college students plan to live with their parents after graduation, according to a survey by JOBTRAK.COM, a job listing service for students and alumni. Of total respondents, 39 percent are going to venture out on their own, 26 percent plan to live at home for one to six months, 11 percent will shack up with mom and dad for seven to 12 months, and 24 percent will crash for more than one year. Why is the college set feeling so homesick? Money, honey. Because of the rising cost of a college education, coeds must borrow more funds, causing them to want to live with their parents after graduation to save money. And even though new grads are earning higher salaries than ever before, they're using their dough to save for retirement and pay off their debts.

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