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  • Building on a long-standing suspicion of “Wall Street insidersâ€? and corporate bigwigs, Americans are wary of trusting corporations and brokers with their cash. In a May 2002 Harris Interactive poll, 63 percent agreed with the statement, “Because people in top management are very important to the success of a company, I must feel they are trustworthy before I invest in the company.â€?
  • Most Americans also believe the business of America is business. Their faith in capitalism and the potential of reform to improve the system is still strong, even if somewhat shaken. The strength of the U.S. economy is tightly tied to patriotic ideals.
  • Regarding the recent scandals and stock upheavals, Americans are most concerned with their own financial situation, especially their plans for retirement. People are least optimistic about how their own portfolios will weather the storm.
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