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  • Americans have a love-hate affair with business. They believe that business is fundamental to America's success. At the same time, they distrust business leaders, believe the rich usually get richer and the poor poorer, and are convinced that dishonesty and corruption certainly exist in business.
  • For most Americans, the causes of corporate malfeasance and their consequences remain vague. Do not expect the masses to decry the Bush administration's energy ties. Even though 63 percent of Americans told Gallup in January 2002 that big business has "too much influence" over the Bush administration, their reaction seems confined to resigned cynicism, not mobilization.
  • Concern over an employee retirement account is most likely to be a lasting effect from the Enron scandal. People may have adjusted to the notion of the disappearing pension plan, but most expected stock option schemes and 401(k)s to make up for it.
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