Chow Down

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Is soy sauce the new salsa? Data from market research firm ACNielsen indicates that sales of Asian foods are on the rise. Feeding this trend are two predominant factors: First, the latest figures from Census 2000 reveal that nearly 12 million Americans or 4.2 percent of the total population are Asian, compared with just 6.9 million or 2.8 percent of the population in 1990.* Second, non-Asians are hopping onboard the Orient Express. According to an exclusive American Demographics survey originally featured in the July 2001 issue (pages 8-9), 45 percent of Americans say they often find themselves exploring foreign cultures and foods. Anyone up for Thai?

*Census 2000 allowed respondents to select more than one race. The 2000 numbers include Asians who selected Asian alone or in combination with any other race. As a result, the 1990 numbers are likely lower than they would be if respondents had been allowed to select more than one race in the 1990 census.

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