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Consumers these days are on a mission. They want to quickly locate a product, evaluate it, pay and get out. Yet most do not get what they want.

More than half of consumers (55 percent) aren't truly loyal to the stores they frequent, according to a national online survey of consumers age 25 and older conducted by Walker Information, an Indianapolis-based market research firm that specializes in customer loyalty. They're not thrilled about where they shop, but don't feel a better choice exists. Out of habit or convenience, they stick with a retailer, although they're indifferent to them. Another 12 percent are flight risks who may have already contemplated not returning to a store for yet another unsatisfactory shopping encounter. Only 45 percent of those surveyed are truly loyal to the stores where they most frequently shop, which means they both plan and want to maintain the relationship.

Consumers are so starved for help 41 percent are willing to pay more for qualified sales assistance. They consider checkout times too long and products hard to locate. “If you want to stop the traffic flow to competing brands,� says Robert L. Kizer, group vice president at Walker Information, “the best way is to overwhelm them with a great shopping experience.�

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