Divvy It Up

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Which businesses are likely to get the lion's share of Americans' year-end bonuses? A telephone survey conducted over the weekend of October 26 by market research firm Ipsos-Reid asked 1,000 adults where they would spend an unexpected $1,000 handout. The greatest share of the bonus would go toward items relating to home and travel. Specifically, respondents said they would spend 36 percent or $360 on home improvements and 24 percent or $240 on a vacation. What's left over would be spent in approximately equal proportions on clothing, electronics and entertainment. Edward Morawski, vice president of U.S. market research for Ipsos-Reid, says that in the wake of the terrorist attacks, Americans' spending impulse reflects their desire to feel safe and comfortable at home while at the same time revealing “a desire to leave behind, temporarily, everyday life.�

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