It Ain't Easy...

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These days it's tough to always be environmentally aware. So as we bring this issue of American Demographics to a close, let's turn our attention to lighter green issues. Obviously, the type of green that matters most to the majority of us is the one that has American presidents on it. But that's not the only reason green is so popular. According to a survey by market research firm Roper Starch Worldwide, Inc. sponsored by Pantone, Inc., green is the color of choice for 16 percent of Americans. Only blue is favored by more of our countrymen (35 percent). And all you green lovers out there can expect more sensory satisfaction in the next two years, during which time Color Marketing Group says many of the hottest colors coming to market will be shades of green, with names like Gingko, Mesa Verde, and Burnished Sage. So, get in on the trend early, and make everyone else green with envy.

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