All in the Family

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If you have plans to send a family photograph along with this year's holiday card, it's time to head to the studio. Last year, the Photo Marketing Association reported that while only 5 percent of all American households sat for a professional family portrait, significantly higher percentages of households with young children sat for a photo. Of those who got all gussied up and smiled for the camera, 89 percent purchased a photo package at an average price of $86. The most common locations for family portraits are inside a discount or department store (61 percent), a chain photography studio (13 percent) and an independent professional studio (12 percent). Four percent of photographed families chose to capture their family's likeness in an outdoor setting — with mom and dad no doubt keeping their fingers crossed that the kids would stay out of the dirt long enough to smile for the birdie.


Families with young children are the most likely to sit for a family portrait.

Source: Photo Marketing Association 2001 Professional Portrait Survey

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