Where the Fat Paychecks Are

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In 1997, the average annual pay in the United States was $30,336, but many people boasted bigger paychecks. Of the country's 296 counties with 75,000 or more employees, 113 recorded pay levels higher than the national average. New York County, comprised entirely of the borough of Manhattan, led the way with an average annual pay of $58,791. Bottom of the list: Horry County, South Carolina, with $19,527.

Only eight counties of the 296 experienced declines in employment from 1996 to '97, according to data recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The District of Columbia and St. Louis, Missouri, saw their employment rolls drop 2.3 percent, followed by the counties of Genesee, Michigan (-1.6 percent) and Trumbull, Ohio (-0.6 percent).

Roughly 130 counties posted employment growth above the national average of 2.6 percent in 1997. Snohomish County, Washington, had the largest percentage increase in employment (7.5 percent), barely edging out Placer, California, (7.4 percent) and Davis, Utah (7.3 percent).

For more information on employment and average annual pay, visit the BLS site at stats.bls.gov/news.release/ eaapc.toc.htm.

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