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The Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion, brought to you by The Rutgers School of Law, in Camden, New Jersey, touts itself as the first legal journal covering law and religion to be published exclusively online. Here you'll find current articles, links, and news items on topics such as: the government's financial support for religious institutions offering faith-based social services; school vouchers as a public policy issue; and the role of religious institutions in providing social services and education in neglected communities. By signing up for a free e-mail newsletter, you can stay informed about recently published articles and receive up-to-date analysis of current issues.

Once you go to Maptech's site, click on MapServer to access a collection of 65,000 U.S. topographic maps, nautical and aeronautical charts, aerial photographs, and satellite images available to view, print, or e-mail for free. Need mapping data on lower Manhattan? You can check out the view by land, sea, or air, and zoom in for your close-up. Using the “My Maps� feature, you can also mark locations with more than 100 icons to create personalized maps that denote anything from environmental projects and transportation to real estate for sale and recreation sites. Icons can then be linked to Web sites that offer more information. For example, a “House for Sale� icon can be linked to a Web site with details about the property — including pictures.

Looking for the number of American tourists, aged 25 to 29, who visited Israel in 1999? Look no further. For the most up-to-date information on Israel's population, economy, and society, visit this country's Central Bureau of Statistics' Web site. Here you'll find a wealth of statistical data, in Hebrew or English, on topics such as education, health, tourism, crime, industries, employment, price changes of goods and services, labor productivity, consumption, foreign trade, population size, and composition.

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