By Published on . Easy Analytic Software Inc., a New York City-based developer and marketer of demographic data, revamped its site to make it easier to access demographic analysis for business and personal use. New services include free demographic site reports, or three-ring studies, including current estimates for population and households. Each three-ring study offers Census estimates for race, ethnicity, age distribution, income distribution, and weather data. The site will continue to offer one million pages of demographic reports for all Zip codes, counties, metropolitan areas, cities, sectional centers, television markets, states and other geographies. Staples recently launched a Web site for small-office businesses, offering more than 6,000 items, next-business day delivery in most U.S. markets, and free delivery for all orders over $50. Part of program includes an "online office manager" that automates routine purchases. The feature e-mails reminders when it is time to re-order supplies, and product matchmaker, which takes the guesswork out of buying toner for printers and other product-specific items. Staples also has signed an advertising and promotion agreement with Internet search engine Yahoo! to become the office-supply merchant for the search engine. Active Research Inc. has launched the Active Buyer's Guide, an unbiased, comprehensive product-recommendation engine on the Web. The company licenses Active Buyer's Guide as an outsourced, privately labeled service to portals and consumer information sites, who offer it as a value-added service to their visitors. The service considers a shopper's needs and preferences to recommend products with the highest value for each individual. For example, it recognizes that a consumer shopping for a digital camera may be willing to pay more for certain features or trade certain features to get the right price. Whitestone Research, based in Santa Barbara, California, specializes in applied economic research and software development. Its site provides monthly updates of key building costs statistics, including Whitestone's maintenance and repair cost indexes, the only nationally-recognized indicators of facility maintenance and repair cost trends, which are about $150 billion annually. Designed for facility managers, cost analysts, and real estate financial professionals, the site focuses on current cost statistics, Whitestone products-including the annual Building Maintenance and Repair Cost Reference and the MARS 2.0 Maintenance Cost Forecast System-and news releases describing recent Whitestone studies and research notes.

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