By Published on . "Global business strategy" is the mantra today, even with the continuing Asian economic crisis. The GBW site, from Burlington, Massachusetts-based Link Interactive, provides a thorough, detailed resource for marketers who want to know what's going on anywhere in the world. Thousands of maps, magazines, and global businesses are linked with trade leads, embassies, freight carriers, translators, and other service providers. Information is available on currencies, tariffs, legal restrictions, regional industry associations, banking, and government policies in all major areas of the world. Another rather vital resource is the site's up-to-the-minute news from hundreds of countries, including a "risk update" for travelers and marketers. Best of all, it's easy to navigate and free of charge. The Center for Social and Legal Research has put together a comprehensive site for marketers looking to expand overseas, but who are wary of violating foreign privacy and data protection laws. From news flashes to full-scale libraries of every national data protection law around the world, the site includes extensive materials on the European Union Directive that affects Internet commerce in European member countries. A Technology and Internet tutorial unit keeps policymakers up-to-date on the latest privacy-enhancing tools, and a global dialog section lists several hundred consumer and privacy groups, government agencies, industry associations, academics, and data protection experts. IBM's new SurfAid Analytics combines sophisticated Web site utilization analysis with data mining capabilities, going far beyond the usual log reports. Tied into IBM's DB/2 relational database software, the tool can track visitors based on geographic, traffic, and other statistics, and provide customized decision support query capability and data-mining clustering analysis. It is now being used by Los Angeles-based MS Database Marketing Inc. ( to analyze clients' Web sites, traffic patterns, and advertising opportunities A more accurate address for this site might be "" For those of us who make big resolutions in January but forget them by March, here's a site that will e-mail reminders every two weeks throughout the year, to make sure you remember your goals. The free e-mail service offers resolution tips, personalized goal-tracking tools, success stories, online support, links to other Web sites, and lots of encouragement.

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