Gender Bender

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When it comes to choosing the family PC, men still tend to make the ultimate call, according to a Harris Interactive survey measuring home PC purchases fielded last fall. The male head of household is involved in making the brand decision in 70 percent of PC purchases, while the female head of household is involved in 56 percent of those decisions. Yet among first-time PC buyers, women lead the way. The female head of household is involved in 65 percent of the decisions compared with 61 percent for the male head of household. Their brand of choice: Gateway. Gateway's market share jumps 4.3 points higher when a female head of household is involved in the brand decision than when a male head of household is involved. Why Gateway? Perhaps those folksy, friendly, and helpful-sounding TV commercials have had an effect.

computer choices

Family member involvement and brand shares, Q3 2000.

HP Compaq Gateway Dell Apple Mac
Overall 14.9% 19.7% 14.4% 11.2% 5.7%
Female head

of household
15.3% 21.4% 17.1% 10.4% 5.4%
Male head

15.0% 20.9% 12.8% 11.2% 5.6%
Other Adult 14.7% 18.5% 17.5% 13.8% 7.5%
Teenager 11.1% 16.9% 23.4% 4.6% 10.0%
Other Child 19.9% 15.6% 16.3% 6.4% 10.6%
Source: Harris Interactive
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