Gonzo Guerrilla Marketing 101

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If Julia Hutton, newly appointed OTB (Out-of-the-Box) project manager for The Townsend Agency, ever comes to work on one of your projects, be ready to have fun. Townsend, a San Diego-based marketing firm specializing in emerging technologies, found that out-of-the-box thinking was necessary to help clients carve out a unique niche and get them recognized. Under Hutton's direction, Townsend will offer "guerrilla" marketing tactics, though she prefers the strategy be referred to as "Gonzo Guerrilla Marketing Tactics - beginning, intermediate, and advanced." Her approach isn't for every client, notes Jacqueline Townsend, president and CEO. "Obviously, we wouldn't assign Hutton to an account that is highly technical or very serious in nature. Nor is her approach appropriate for any business that is `faint of heart.' Hutton has a `no guts, no glory' appeal."

Prior to joining The Townsend Agency, Hutton's experience ranged from celebrity fundraisers to high-profile public relations events. Of her recent appointment, Hutton says, "The management at The Townsend Agency has vision, knowledge, commitment, wisdom, and courage. They are dedicated to achieving results for their clients, no matter what it takes - even if it means hiring me. We will definitely have some fun while we get the job done."

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