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Education Reform

Your stories about public schools in the "Pulse" section of your magazine (September 2002) rang home to us. As parents of seven children ages 11 and younger, my wife and I became interested in vouchers, homeschooling and other alternatives to public education when we learned that at the start of World War II the U.S. illiteracy rate was 4 percent for whites and 20 percent for blacks. At the end of the 20th century, the rate was 17 percent for whites and 40 percent for blacks.

A 325 percent increase in white illiteracy and a 100 percent increase in black illiteracy are reasons enough for us to keep our kids as far away from public schools as possible.

Sad to say, public education is a government-sanctioned monopoly run by two teachers' unions for the benefit of the teachers, not the children. Year after year private schools turn out better educated students for far less money.


CEO, www.quotesmith.com

Place Your Bets

I just received my September issue of American Demographics and dove right into it, as usual. Because our Convention and Visitors Bureau represents the area of Connecticut in which Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos are located, I was very interested in your "Off the Map" page.

Although you appear to include Tribal Gaming in at least some of these snapshots, you did not include Connecticut Tribal Gaming in the "It's a Living" box. For the record, Foxwoods Resort Casino employs 11,600 people and Mohegan Sun employs 9,500. This is a Connecticut total of 21,100 employees in TWO casinos. I believe that is a significant figure to ponder — for a number of reasons.


Director of Marketing

CT's Mystic & More! Convention and Visitors


New London, Conn.

Editor's Note: The statistics that you have brought into question are a ranking of states by the number of commercial casino employees working in each state as reported by the American Gaming Association. The two casinos you mentioned in Connecticut are not commercial casinos, but tribal casinos, so they would not have been included in the AGA's ranking. This could have been made clearer in the heading for that column; we could have stated that only employees of commercial casinos were included. We apologize for this confusion. Thank you for your passionate interest in American Demographics.

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