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  • Build trust. Demonstrate the integrity of corporate leadership and of sound financial management practices. According to a July 2002 Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 71 percent of Americans say companies “care mostly about profits, cut corners on service, overcharge on prices and do not treat their customers well.â€?
  • Emphasize teamwork. The more stratified the hierarchy, the easier it is to assign blame. Corporations that are organized with peer networks, and have employee-friendly policies, are better positioned to create an atmosphere of “we're in this together.â€?
  • Don't forget the potential of American optimism. Despite their fears and fury, a majority of Americans (52 percent) say their personal financial situations are getting better, according to a June 2002 Gallup poll. Retailers, financial services and high-tech companies might try to focus on this forward-thinking tendency by emphasizing positive images of what's to come and the potential for long-term growth.
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