Music to Marketers' Ears

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Music is everywhere. According to Port Washington, New York-based market research firm NPD Intelect, year-to-date sales of portable music players are up 11 percent from 1999, with digital devices leading the way. In fact, 2 out of 3 portable music devices sold so far this year at retail were digital. But the transition to digital isn't limited to portable music players. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with CDs and the dual-deck approach to home recording (see "Penny for Your Thoughts," page 8). Such dual-deck CD recorders claim a 31 percent share of the digital recorder markets. MiniDisc recorders (for use both at home and on the go) are the most popular devices, with a 41 share, and MP3 recorders, gaining in popularity, claim 28 percent of the market.

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