When They're Not on the Net...

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Where can you find Internet-savvy people? Traveling to exotic destinations, renting cars, attempting adventure sports, and drinking super premium domestic beer-all far from their desktops. (Laptops make it possible.) Those are some of the findings of New York City-based Mediamark Research Inc., which surveys 25,000 consumers twice a year on their brand purchase and product usage. The most recent data was released in December, for the survey period of September 1997 to August 1998.

MRI cross-tabbed the data to show product and behavior choices for the U.S. adult population (total: 196.4 million) and for that portion of the country that has access to the Internet. In the stats below, "All" represents a percentage of the entire U.S. population that participate in the activities listed, while "Web users" represents a percentage of the Web-enabled population that participates. "Index" shows how Web-enabled consumers compare to the overall U.S. consumer.

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