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Picture a map of the United States in your head and it's pretty easy to forget to include Alaska. Even at American Demographics, we occasionally bump the 49th state from consideration when researching national trends. But there's a lot about Alaska that those of us living in the lower 48 could bear to keep in mind. For starters, it's home to more than 600,000 people, with a median household income of $51,421* - the highest in the nation. The state also collects an average $770 a head from each of the 1.3 million tourists who are ushered through its borders annually.** Here's more about America's last frontier.

We're Number 1!

Per household, Alaskans have the highest average annual spending on*:

- Housecleaning services $146.84

- Pet services $31.26

- Computer software and accessories (non-business use) $42.89

- Laundry and dry cleaning $17.09

- Day care centers, nursery, preschool $280.23

- Men's suits $60.04

- Catered affairs $76.76

- Outdoor furniture $21.75

- Lamps and lighting fixtures $22.77

- Vacation homes (owned) $264.55

*Figures calculated by dividing the state's aggregate spending by all Alaskan households

Source: Easy Analytic Software, Inc., 1999

The Cool Place to Be

Only 2.2 percent of all Americans have visited

The Last Frontier. These states have the highest percentage of residents who have journeyed to Alaska:

- Washington: 6.4%

- Arizona: 5.9%

- Nevada: 5.7%

- Idaho: 5.6%

- Oregon: 5.3%

How'd They Get There?*

- By air: 50%

- By cruise ship: 36%

- By highway: 10%

- Other: 4%

Source: Simmons Market Research Bureau; *Alaska State Chamber of Commerce

Let's Rub Noses

Alaska has the highest percentage of men in the nation (53 percent). Here's a listing of the total number of state establishments that an Alaskan male might use to woo a mate:

- Florists: 61

- Barbershops: 11

- Liquor stores: 125

- Restaurants: 1,099

- Bars: 219

- Jewelry stores: 97

- Movie theaters: 19

- Museums and art galleries: 23

Source: County Business Patterns

Cool and the Gang

The basic demo dirt on Alaska residents:

- Population in 2000: 653,000

Racial Composition:

- White: 75%

- Native American/Aleutian Islander: 14%

- Asian: 7%

- Black: 4%

- Median Age: 30.9

(U.S. Avg.: 35.5)

- Persons per square mile in Anchorage: 133

- Persons per square mile in New York City: 23,702

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Road Kill

- Number of car accidents in Alaska that involved a moose (1998): 689*

- Percent of all Anchorage residents who have been in a car that hit a moose: 11**

- Percent of all Anchorage residents who have been in a car that had to swerve or brake to avoid a moose: 72**

Sources: *Alaska Dept. of Transportation 1998; **Alaska Department of Fish and Game,1997

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