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As baseball season gets into full swing this month, you can bet that the die-hard fans who can't get away from the office for opening day will nonetheless tune in to the game on the radio. Fifteen years ago, WFAN (“The Fan�) in New York became the first radio station to broadcast all sports all the time. Today, there are over 300 stations nationwide devoted to 24-hour sports coverage. Not surprisingly, 8 in 10 sports radio listeners are male (more than any other radio genre), according to New York City-based market research firm Interep. But did you know they are also almost twice as likely as the average American to have graduated from college, or that fully one-third earn over $100,000 a year? Naturally, this is also an active bunch. Interep reports that sports radio listeners are twice as likely as the average Joe to play baseball, golf and tennis. They're even sporty when it comes to their taste in automobiles. Sports radio junkies are 40 percent more likely than the average American to drive a sports car, and 40 percent more likely to drive a sport utility vehicle (SUV).

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