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@rôbase Aromatisation pour Bière: Tired of drinking plain old beer? This innovative new product from Pernod Richard is a small dose of liqueur intended to give your bottled beer a flavor boost. @rôbase is available in three flavors — Saveur Gingembre (ginger), Tequila Saveur Citron (lemon tequila) and Vodka Saveur Caramel (caramel vodka) — and comes in a unique 2-centiliter plastic container designed to hang over the neck of a bottle of beer. Oh, la, la!


Pink Dolphin: This peach-flavored, vitamin-enhanced water is positioned as “your beauty and health formula in a bottle.� The vitamins contained in the newly introduced beverage are said to provide antibodies to keep you in the “pink� of health and energy (vitamin C), keep you “bubbly� all day long (vitamin B6) and, allow for the confidence and charm of perfect skin (vitamin B12). Also available with calcium.


Actimel Leche Fermentada: Recently introduced to consumers in Argentina by Danone South America, this fermented milk drink carries a “strengthens the natural defenses� tag. Actimel says that a couple gulps of this naranja (orange) or natural-flavored beverage will help Argentineans fight stress, microbes, contamination and — get this — cold weather.


Ant Natural Stimulation: This beverage, new to the U.K. from Intercontinental Brands, combines fruit juice with ants that supposedly hail from the Changbai Mountains in northeastern China and the Himalayas in southern China and Tibet. Ant elixirs, which have grown in popularity in Shanghai and Beijing, are said to have the ability to supply a direct source of energy to body cells, enhance the immune system and improve sexual function — giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “ants in your pants.�

Source: Productscan Online, a worldwide database of new products by Market Intelligence Services in Naples, N.Y.

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