reality shift

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Can a single morning's events change American society? Although it's too soon to know what long-term effects the terrorist attacks and ensuing war will have on American lives, subtle shifts in attitude and behavior have already begun to emerge. As we question, evaluate and reprioritize the way we live in a newly uncertain world, we are adjusting our perceptions of all that is most important in our lives.

To better understand how Americans are grappling with this new world, American Demographics commissioned four exclusive nationwide surveys, which assess changing attitudes in the areas of family and home, work and career, religion, and the role of patriotism in business. We then examined the results within the context of the waves of public opinion polls and the guiding evidence of transformation already taking place. Our goal was to take the American pulse, even as it continued to fluctuate beneath our fingers, in an effort to identify lasting shifts in mindset and behavior so that we can begin to understand how these changes will shape our consumer landscape.

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