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It's never too soon to start regretting career decisions. Despite the best efforts of career development counselors to get students to try occupations on for size by taking summer jobs or internships, few young adults are finding their vocation on the first try. According to an online survey of 500 twentysomethings conducted by InsightExpress, a Stamford, Conn.-based research company, only 1 in 3 employed twentysomethings are happy with the current status of their career. At least 2 in 10 say that they have not figured out what career path to pursue, while another 19 percent say they like their job, but are not on the right career path. This second-guessing may have its roots in unfulfilled dreams. The study found that nearly half of twentysomethings in the workforce (48 percent) are not working in a career they envisioned in college. Only one-third (36 percent) had landed in the careers they'd planned for. With jobs or careers not meeting expectations, these young workers are already filled with regret, wishing they'd taken a more linear path to their dream jobs and professions. Four in 10 employed twentysomethings say that “knowing what they know now� they would have majored in something different when they were in college.

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