Rough Terrain

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It seems the tide has turned on off-road vehicles. A recent Zogby America poll shows that 67 percent of likely voters — those who indicate they are likely to vote in the next election — oppose allowing the use of off-road vehicles such as Jet Skis, dirt bikes and snowmobiles in America's National Parks. Only 29 percent support the continued use of such vehicles (4 percent were uncertain). Meanwhile, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has more bad news for off-roadies. Between 1999 and 2000, the total wholesale market for recreational transport goods fell 1.3 percent, for a loss of $221 million in sales. (Recreational transport was the only segment of the wholesale sporting goods industry to report a decline in sales.)


An increase in pleasure boat sales wasn't enough to counter the dive in sales of other recreational transportation.

Source: Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association

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