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Managing by Defining Moments

By Geoffrey E. Meredith, Charles D. Schewe and Alexander Hiam with Janice Karlovich Hungry Minds, 2002

Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have little in common, and age isn't even the half of it. For business leaders looking for ways to motivate their employees, understanding how workers from different generations approach the daily grind is key to developing efficient workplace management techniques, according to the new book, Managing by Defining Moments. The authors, who also wrote Defining Markets — Defining Moments, divide American workers into five age cohorts: the Postwar Generation, Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, Trailing-Edge Baby Boomers, Generation X and the N Generation. They argue that members of each generation have different “defining moments,� such as the McCarthy hearings or the Kennedy assassination, that have helped shape their values and attitudes — as well as their behavior as employees. The book offers specific managerial techniques and incentives that have proven successful with employees from different age cohorts.

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