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When it was originally published in 1970, The Methods and Materials of Demography, a collaborative effort from Henry Shryock and Jacob Siegel, contained 888 pages, 25 chapters and four appendices. The book systematically delineated and illustrated the practice of applying demographic data to understand modern societal trends. Original author Jacob S. Siegel has now teamed with a new collaborator, David A. Swanson, in updating the definitive demography bible. The Second Edition reflects changes in both technology and the global landscape in the 30 years that have passed, and now includes a chapter on health demography. Its sections outline the logical architecture of the science and its presentation, and the tone remains didactic and simple, assuming little prior technical knowledge. For instance, in the Population Size chapter by Janet Wilmoth, the question of Evidence of a Person states: In addition to questions of whether certain classes of people are to be included in the national census count, and where a particular person should be counted, problems arise in actual practice as to whether there is sufficient evidence of a person. Elsevier Academic Press is the publisher.

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