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Today's most savvy consumers are young, global-minded and searching for brands with which to identify and they're all under the age of 14. In BRANDchild, Martin Lindstrom, with help from Patricia Seybold, presents the findings of a worldwide survey of 'tweens' relationship with brands, conducted by Naperville, Ill., market research firm Millward Brown. The study, which took a year to complete, involved interviews and quantitative polling of several thousand 9- to 14-year-olds in 11 countries. Lindstrom, cofounder of Stockholm, Sweden-based marketing agency BBDO Interactive Europe (today called Framfab) finds that 'tweens across the globe are strikingly similar to each other. Regardless of where they live, they have been bombarded with ads since they were born, and as a result are able to tune out traditional marketing. These young consumers respond better to integrated marketing messages and word of mouth, according to the book, which offers companies ideas about how to bring some buzz to their branding agendas.

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