What's That Smell?

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Every now and then, a survey comes along that we just have to share with our readers — even if it's not scientifically sound or nationally representative. After 27 years of hosting the annual Rotten Sneaker Contest, Odor-Eaters, the makers of insoles and foot sprays, noticed that children entering the contest took great pride in their smelly feet, while adults were usually embarrassed by the foul smell. Naturally, the folks at Odor-Eaters became curious about something: At what age do people begin to mind the smell of their own feet? The survey, posted between May 21 and August 31 on the Odor-Eaters Web site ( www.odoreaters.com ), and completed by 3,023 visitors, found that 54 percent of respondents have been embarrassed by the smell of their own feet at some point in their past. Of those who felt embarrassed, 31 percent said they were bothered by unattended foot odor between the ages of 10 and 15, 39 percent between ages 16 and 20, and another 30 percent weren't bothered until after they turned 21. Who has the worst smelling tootsies? Feet down, men win the title of raunchiest feet. An overwhelming 88 percent of men and 92 percent of women reported that men have the more foul foot odor. Now that that's settled, can we put our shoes back on?

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