Speed Junkies

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Broadband users are becoming so addicted to speed that they're willing to sacrifice almost anything to keep it. According to a study by SBC Communications, 63 percent of residential digital subscriber line (DSL) users would rather give up their morning cup of Joe than their fast Internet connection. The young have the most severe fix: 78 percent of them, compared with 59 percent of the over 40 crowd, would make the trade. In fact, since DSL users are increasingly turning to the Internet for news and entertainment anyway, 78 percent say they would be willing to ditch their newspapers and 74 percent would scrap AM/FM radio, to save their DSL. The vast majority of these broadband users say their high-speed connection is a more important household technology than their microwave (88 percent), television remote control (87 percent), and garage door opener (59 percent).

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