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In a state like California, where most residents are part of a racial or ethnic minority, understanding the impact of ethnic media is not just a bonus for businesses, it's crucial. A study by San Francisco-based New California Media, a group of more than 400 ethnic media organizations, found that ethnic TV, radio and newspapers reach 89 percent of those who identify as Hispanic, 79 percent of blacks and 75 percent of Asians. (Ethnic media was defined as any media outlet that specifically targets a racial or ethnic audience.) The study of 2,000 California residents, conducted in 12 languages between November 2001 and March 2002, found that Hispanics, blacks and Asians are more likely to pay attention to advertising in media that is targeted to their ethnic or racial group than to ads that run in the general market media. In fact, two-thirds of those interviewed (66 percent) believe that businesses that advertise in ethnic media understand their needs better than other companies. This level of understanding scores with consumers: 63 percent of California's minority residents say they are more likely to purchase a product or service if it's advertised in an ethnic-oriented publication.


More than half (51 percent) of California's Hispanic residents prefer listening to radio stations that broadcast specifically to Hispanics.

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