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Latin Flavor

Flavors with ties to the Hispanic community are the latest twist in candy. Mars Inc., for example, is test-marketing Dulce de Leche, a new chocolate caramel flavor of M&M's inspired by the popular Latino ice cream dessert of the same name. Other Hispanic-inspired flavors include tamarind and chili powder. What's next, watermelon-chili Jolly Ranchers?

Creamy Flavors

Coffee flavor is out and cream flavors are in. Lifesavers began the trend with its new Cream-savers. Now other companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

Magical Themes

Sweets inspired by the popular Harry Potter series include candy that changes color or texture, candy that pops or fizzles and candy with magic-themed packaging, such as witches or cauldrons.

Healthful Candy

Candy that's good for you? It may sound like an oxymoron, but new candy chews and candy bars that promise dental benefits and added vitamins are coming to the candy store.

Source: John Forster, Professional Candy Buyer magazine

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