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American design that improves our quality of life is the upward trend. Consumers are looking for a new definition of quality and value as well as products with lasting appeal.

â–ª Style. Classic appearance in products. A certain degree of retro. â–ª Utilitarian, mundane and cheap appearance. Disposable.
â–ª Products and environments that make life convenient and better for all users. â–ª Products and environments that barely comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
▪ Rational use of graphics that inform and enable with flair. ▪ Irrational use of graphics that confuse in the name of “style.�
â–ª Smooth surfaces that can be kept clean. â–ª Exaggerated use of texture.
â–ª Lighting that soothes and illuminates the right areas. â–ª Flooding an area with light like a fish tank.
â–ª American design, proud of its heritage with an eye on the future. â–ª Overt displays of inferiority complex to European design.
â–ª Transgenerational, inspired and diverse design. â–ª Objects designed to make those that don't own one feel bad.
Source: Cesar A. Vergara, Industrial Design Society of America (ISDA)
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