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Whether you are a recent college grad searching for your first “real� job or a casualty of your company's cost-cutting measures, John Challenger, CEO of New York City-based workplace consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, has some advice. “The hottest jobs for 2003 may lack the flair and glamour of Web designer or online game show host,� he says. “But they do offer one thing that past hot jobs could not: job security.� Who couldn't use a little of that?

Here's a look at some of the fields looking to hire people today as well as those that are headed for growth in the coming years.


Health care is a hot area for job growth right now, and it will get hotter as aging Baby Boomers increase the demand for skilled workers at all levels, from internists to nurses.


Anti-terrorism efforts will continue to increase the need for security personnel. But assuring Americans' physical safety is not the only sector with growth potential. Companies are worried about protecting one of their most valuable assets: information. And employers are growing more concerned about the people they hire, which could increase demand for investigative services.


As companies look to minimize risk in an uncertain economy, the demand for insurance will rise. Insurance firms will need more agents, claims adjusters, researchers and customer service representatives.


As more Boomers head for retirement, they'll be making more big-ticket purchases, like second homes and cars. So there is likely to be increased demand for loan agents and title company workers.


A report by the United States Department of Agriculture estimates that there will be nearly 58,000 job openings a year between 2000 and 2005 in the agriculture and food industry — and they're not just talking farmers. The agriculture industry employs tens of thousands of people in almost every capacity imaginable, from marketing to public relations professionals to genetic scientists.


Americans' growing dependence on prescription drugs will result in greater demand in this sector. And as more money is dedicated to gene therapy and cloning research, opportunities will grow in the biotech industry as well.


The unrest in the Middle East has prompted a greater push to find new sources of energy. Not only will there be a demand for miners who search for energy sources, there will also be a demand for managers of marketing and sales, accounting, human resources and technology in this sector.

Source: Challenger, Gray & Christmas

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