Unrest in the Cubicles

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Road rage has moved indoors. Of all American workers, about 1 in 10 claims to work in an office where stress has led to physical violence, according to a survey by Integra Realty Resources, Inc., a real estate advisory and appraisal firm. And the trouble doesn't stop there: 41 percent say yelling or other verbal abuse goes on as well. Moreover, 29 percent say they have yelled at work because they were stressed to the max, 15 percent have damaged a few computers or chairs, and 2 percent have actually hit a co-worker. What gives? All work and no lunch - 52 percent say they work more than 12 hours a day, and 49 percent usually skip lunch to finish the tasks at hand. Rude co-workers or clients also cause temperatures to rise, say 37 percent of workers. Twenty-one percent say their boss has done nothing to reduce workplace stress, and 8 percent say too much caffeine has contributed to their stress. Decaf, anyone?

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