Upward Mobility Increases... ...As Savings Head South

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Talk about a mobile workforce. Nearly 43 percent of 800 respondents in a recent poll by VaultReports.com, a career Web site, say they plan to leave their job in six months or less. Another 18 percent give themselves less than two years with their current employer. Why are people angling to leave their cubicles? Boredom was cited by some participants, as was better money elsewhere. Better to be bored at a higher-paying salary, we guess.

A bonus for leaving your job? That's how many people view their 401(k)s when they switch workplaces. A study by management consulting firm Hewitt Associates finds that 57 percent of 401(k) participants opt to take the cash when changing jobs, instead of rolling over the balance to an IRA or to their new employer's plan. The smaller the balance, the more likely the person is to take the money: 78 percent of participants with balances under $5,000 choose the lump sum. A full 17 percent with balances from $50,000 to $100,000 bolt with the cash, too.

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