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If you're closely following a particular subject (be it arms sales, artichokes, or the new Steven Spiel-berg flick, A.I.), but can't stay glued to the TV screen every minute waiting for it to be mentioned, TVEyes.com is the answer to your prayers. Here's how it works: Users log on to the site and fill out a brief form, including the subject(s) to be followed. TVEyes.com then monitors the closed-captioned text of news programs (on outlets including CNN, CNBC, CSPAN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, and FOX News, among others) and e-mails you a brief transcript and a link to the broadcaster's site every time the subject specified is mentioned. TVEyes.com also provides a premium subscription service for more sophisticated alert and search capabilities. The site is free for basic searches.

www.aecf.org/kids count/census

Census Data Online provides an interactive database that draws on newly released information from the 2000 U.S. Census. Organized geographically, the site enables users to access census data on children's racial and ethnic makeup by state, city, county, or congressional district (for the 106th Congress). Users can either view reader-friendly profiles of a specific geographic area's under-18 population or access raw census statistics. In addition, analytical reports on related subjects can be downloaded, free of charge. The site was created by the Anne E. Casey Foundation, a private charitable organization dedicated to disadvantaged children in the U.S.


Diminishing marginal returns won't be an issue when you drill down into The Dismal Scientist's Web site. Each day, the site offers analysis of major economic events around the globe. Worried about saving for retirement? The site's 401(k) calculator allows you to experiment with various contributions and rates of return to evaluate how fast your savings will grow. Want an economic profile of your local area? Plug your zip code into a financial calculator and get the most current demographic, income, employment, and real estate figures. Links lead to key economic data, articles, forecasts, regional statistics, and think tanks of all stripes. You can also sign up for free e-mail delivery of newly released economic indicators.

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