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Demographics Daily, a site by American City Business Journals, offers a wealth of articles, reports, news, and data on everything from ratings of America's best small cities to statistics on men's and women's salaries. Current articles and reports, as well as an extensive archive dating back to 1994, provide insight and analysis of key business and economic trends. Sample hundreds of spreadsheets with demographic and economic statistics on topics such as race, families, and children, and population projections; get up-to-date demographic news from around the nation; or find out each month how your city or state rates economically, based on population, income, and employment trends.


The Maryland Department of Planning, State Library Resource Center, and the University of Maryland's Computer Science Center have collaborated to produce a Web site posting the latest and greatest data on The Free State. Highlights include up-to-date Census 2000 data, historical trends, and forecasts with charts, highlighting key items from profiles of the state's six planning regions and jurisdictions. If you're looking for the mean household income or next year's high school enrollment rates for Prince George's County, your search ends here. There's data on the socioeconomic profile of state residents, and foreign immigration dating back to 1992, as well as household median and mean income estimates, new school enrollment projections, and state-to-state migration trends.


Whether you're searching for a map of Australia's Outback or the latest figures on foreign travelers to The Land Down Under, the Web site of the Australian Bureau of Statistics is chock full of information on this unique and exotic island/continent/country. This site is the mother lode of maps, charts, data, and articles about Aussies. You'll find everything under the sun, including statistical newsletters on topics ranging from crime and justice to health to Aborigines, to historical census data, as well as information on this summer's upcoming census, weekly news releases, and links to state data and other informational sites. Make sure to check out the detailed color map that lets you zoom in on specific areas.

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