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Where else can you get a recipe for Kim Chi and the gross domestic product for North Korea in one stop? AsiaSource, sponsored by the Asia Society. The New York City-based foundation is dedicated to fostering understanding of Asia and communication between Americans and the people of Asia and the Pacific. It offers visitors a taste of Asian culture, food, business, government and history. While on the site, catch up on the latest news relating to Asian Americans and Census 2000 as reported by dozens of articles from publications around the globe.


If there's one site out there that deserves the traffic, it's the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' (BTS) home page. Chock full of reports and figures relating to the transportation industry, this is one URL you don't want to speed by. Check on-time arrival records by airline and airport or even estimate the time it will take your plane to park itself at the gate after touchdown. For instance, travelers flying to New York's La Guardia Airport from Kansas City International this month can expect their plane to taxi for four minutes between gate and runway prior to takeoff, and 10 minutes between runway and gate after landing. Chances of arriving on time: 73 percent. Don't forget to check out the BTS Omnibus survey, updated every month with the latest travel trends. What are you waiting for? Get going!


The Employment Policy Foundation (EPF) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, research and educational foundation based in Washington, D.C., focusing on workplace trends and policies. Its newly redesigned Web site includes free access to reports and analyses on subjects such as employment trends, training and education, flexible workplace strategies, employee benefits, minimum wage and living wage, temporary work and work force demographics. Information is organized by both topic and date. Visitors to the site can also download a free copy of the foundation's comprehensive annual study on the American workplace. In addition, the EPF produces a monthly employment quality index, which creates a snapshot of current compensation, job quality, job availability and employee preferences.

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