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If you've ever wanted to compare the number of unpaved airports in Qatar with those in Latvia, you won't want to miss this free Web site. It offers visitors the ability to compare any two countries or regions using a list of statistical variables ranging from the strictly demographic (i.e. population under age 15) to the more esoteric (i.e. literacy of males). Visitors can also find the top or bottom ranked countries using any of the variables listed, or retrieve a general profile of a specific country. Data is derived from the 1998 CIA World Factbook and is presented in fun, easy to read Macromedia Flash graphics.


Need a light? If so, you may want to head to Oklahoma, the state that housesthe largest percentage of Hispanics who smoke: 41 percent. (For comparison, 20 percent of Hispanics light up nationwide.) That is one of the many points of interest available at State Health Facts Online, a comprehensive state-by-state look at health statistics, created by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, an independent philanthropic organization. Users can research such information as health insurance coverage as well as enrollment and spending for Medicare. They can also learn the incidence of HIV/AIDS for an individual state, or compare it with other states or even the rest of the country. The results are presented in color-coded maps.


Part of Yahoo! Real Estate, this Web site enables savvy home buyers to learn if they are really getting the “deal� their realtor promises. By simply typing in any street address, users can compare the asking price of their dream home with the selling price of other houses in the area. Or, by specifying a price range, shoppers can search for houses in neighborhoods that meet their criteria. Comparisons of average salaries, schools and other basic demographics between a property's ZIP code and the national average are available, in addition to street maps and links to real estate listings and agents.

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