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You know what the hot issues are — capital punishment, abortion and national security — but on which side of the debate do you stand? To help you decide, The Almanac of Policy Issues Web site, maintained by Policy News Publishing, provides comprehensive statistics and background information on both sides of 69 issues, from health care and handguns to global warming and the U.S. ballistic missile policy. Did you know Americans spent $1.1 trillion — or 13.5 percent of our Gross Domestic Product — on health care in 1997. more than any other nation? And still, 16.1 percent of the population lacked health insurance. Visitors can access a comprehensive list of links to organizations supporting each side of a particular debate, and review recent articles published by national publications like Newsweek and The Atlantic Monthly. Brief synopses of each topic's history are also available, but be sure to consult the links for the more recent information, since many of the overviews have not yet been updated to account for post-Sept. 11 ramifications.

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