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If you want to learn more about France, but don't know the language, The French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies' (INSEE) Web site is your pot of gold. It offers a mix of economic, social and demographic studies in English, as well as links to the country's 1999 census and in-depth regional data. Click on “population� under “France in Facts and Figures� and you'll discover that men are more likely to find a new live-in partner after a breakup than women are. Under “geography,� you'll find that during the 1990s, fewer people moved to Paris, as the West and Southwest increasingly became destinations of choice. Au Revoir!


Finally, a qualified answer to the proverbial question, “How's everything down on the farm?� The home page for the Economic Research Service (ERS) is the main source of economic information and research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is full of links to keep the world on top of economic and policy issues related to agriculture, food, natural resources and rural development. Click on any state in the U.S. to get a detailed report on the state's population and farm characteristics, including net farm income, average farm size and the state's top five commodities. While you're on the site, don't forget to stop by the data department where you can pick up such information as per capita consumption of fruits and vegetables. How do you like them apples?

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