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So you haven't quite become master of the U.S. Census Bureau's Web site domain. Even so, that's OK, AmeriStat (developed by the Population Reference Bureau in partnership with demographer Bill Frey and his team of colleagues at the University of Michigan and the State University of New York at Albany) is the epitome of user-friendly. Here, you'll find instant summaries in graphics and text of the demographic characteristics of the U.S. population broken down into 14 different categories. Furthermore, AmeriStat promises to do all the work necessary to illuminate not only current population trends in the United States, but historical trends as well. Data will be shown, whenever possible, for five-year data points going back to 1970 and single-year data for more recent years. Of the 14 topics currently listed on the site, only five are up and running. They are Marriage and Family; Population Estimates and Projections; Education Race and Ethnicity; Income; and Poverty. The upcoming release of the remaining nine sections (i.e.: Migration; Children; Crime and Violence) make this site the gift that keeps on giving.

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