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Maintained by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Policy Development and Research, this site is the primary source for federal government reports on housing policy and programs, building technology, economic development, urban planning, and other housing-related topics. If you're looking for hard data, click on "data sets" from the home page to access various databases, including the American Housing Survey (AHS). The AHS can answer many questions about U.S. consumers and their homes. Want to know more about people who move or how many single-family homes have more than two bathrooms? The AHS has the answers. National data for the AHS is collected every other year (the latest survey is from 1997), from a fixed sample of about 50,000 homes. The survey started in 1973 and has had the same sample since 1985, letting users see how homes and households have changed over the years. Another important report is "The State of the Cities 1999," which details how America's cities are faring and how many new suburbs are experiencing growth-related problems.

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